Think You’ve Got Your Social Media Plan Under Control? Social Media Audit Giveaway

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Businesses are under pressure from every angle. Your online reputation is a huge portion of your companies success weather you know it or not. That reputation is controlled by your customers, and that's a good thing. Our Social Media Audit helps you to take your internet marketing to the next level by showing you the overview of your organization.]]>

Facbook Exploit Claims Free PizzaHut Pizza

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There seems to be an exploit going around Facebook. I would say that it’s the closest thing to an actual Facebook “virus” I have come across.

The exploits creations can be found by searching or following this link:

You may have already received an invitation from an unknowing friend that just wanted some free pizza. Who doesn’t. There seems to be hundreds of these fake events already popping up.

They follow this format:

The Event invitation links you to many variations of a page that implements Facebook Connect, they each appear to have a different app link but all allow the App to access your personal information as well as MANAGE PAGES and EVENTS. This is very unusual and suspect as it allows the App to create and automatically authorize Pages and Events without notifying you.

It was too much trouble to try and report all of the issues, neither Facebook nor PizzaHut had an easy means to notify them so all I can do is send this out for anyone searching.


UTC Design Students Connect Education and Industry: Student-led Presentation on Recent Endeavors

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Chattanooga, TN, October 14, 2010 – The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) Department of Art is pleased to announce a student-led presentation about their involvement with the web design and development conference, Web Directions USA, their participation in Amped, a high energy event where designers and developers join forces to build new solutions to design and development challenges, and their experience working with clients all the way from Australia! This presentation will be held on Thursday, October 14 at 5:30 pm in room 356 in the Fine Arts Center and is open and free to the public.

A range of topics will be covered as the students describe their experiences and the implementation of their work at Web Directions USA and Amped. Both events were recently held in Atlanta, GA. Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Web Media, Leslie Jensen-Inman, will also speak on the impact of the international exposure and recognition the students brought to UTC and the Department of Art. Doug Schepers, W3C Team Contact, stated, “ The Web Directions conference material was not only impressive, but it was of a much higher caliber than I am used to at conferences.” He went on to say, “The level of professionalism exhibited by all of the UTC students was exemplary; I have rarely seen students so prepared to hit the ground running in their careers once they graduate.”

10 Marketing Stunts – Success & Flops

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So you want to get inspiration for a marketing tactic that will help you get attention for your small business? Have you gotten one of your videos to go viral but don’t know how to keep that momentum going? explores ten different marketing stunts and falirures for small business because it’s fun to look at the successes of a stunt but you learn much more from another mistakes.

Top ten marketing stunts for small businesses — Link


New Nielson Study Reveals Time Spent on Social Networks Increased 43 Percent

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Social networks are dominating your time spent on the web as the use of e-mail is dropping while social networks are rising.

A new study from Nielsen reveals that the average users spends about twice as much time on social networks than any other activity online. Time spent on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter take up about 22.7% of time spent online. Online gaming, the closest activity takes only 10.2% of time spent online.

Meanwhile, the time spent on E-Mail is decreasing online but increasing on mobile space. E-Mail suffered a 28% loss on time spent online as it decreased from 11.5% to 8.3% over the last year. This is likely due to the fact that more and more people are starting to own smartphones.

Here is a full breakdown from Nielson (via Mashable):

Another interesting statistic to note is that Video/Movies has increased 12% over last year. Showing that while social networks dominate the internet as a form of communication on the web that it will also be important to invest time in video as a form of interaction and presentation with people on the web.

Written by Dave Castaneda


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